my background story.


Congrats, you found me: Alyssa Ruane—pronounced roo-ayn. (Not ruin. Sorry, trolls.)

To catch you up: I've been writing stories since my elementary years. 

Raised on a canal in a tiny Florida town with a thriving manatee population, my earliest memories involve raising tadpoles in a retention pond, evading wild hogs in a swampy forest, and daydreaming about what might exist outside of that world.

During those early years, I scored high enough in school essay and speech contests to ignite the special brand of confidence (delusion?) necessary to pursue writing in a world where everyone wants to write a book someday.

As an endlessly curious being, I seek information as it piques my interest. This unrelenting quest for knowledge has resulted in me becoming a "generalist" or multi-hyphenate creative.


In 2012, as a double-major earning my bachelor’s degree in English & Multimedia Journalism from Florida Atlantic University, I needed money but wasn't getting hired at local restaurants. So, I began my freelance career—offering copywriting, SEO blogging, social media, and creative direction services to businesses in retail and media locally and online.

Over the next 10 years, I'd go on to help SaaS companies, media companies, production companies, fashion/retail companies, and more with a variety of writing, content marketing, and creative services.

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I also worked as a freelance journalist and editor during this time, writing B2C lifestyle and B2B marketing articles for Charlotte magazine, Charlotte Home + Garden, Carolina Bride, Relevate, and other print and digital publications.


Two in-house roles in fashion PR and digital marketing round out my resumé. Find more details on my past roles and gigs on LinkedIn.

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Today, I am accepting select freelance clients for services including consulting, copywriting, script writing, lyrical writing, and screenwriting.
Passionate about the arts and creative process, I invite other creatives & potential collaborators to get in touch as well if I sound like the perfect person for your unique idea.

Forever inspired by the natural world, I balance my work with activities such as boating, gardening, traveling, and painting... or doing nothing at all—which is paramount.

I will always be a Floridian at heart (due to all the sun damage), but I currently reside in Lake Norman, North Carolina, where I can escape to the water if inspiration runs dry.

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