Why Your Blog Should Use
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


When you want to buy something, find something nearby, or learn something new—where do you go?


Like 70% of search engine users, you probably head to Google.


Once the results for your search query come up, how many results do you sift through before clicking a link?

As of 2021: If you never make it past the first five results on Google before clicking, you're in the same boat as a whopping two-thirds of people. 🤯 

That's why everyone's obsessed with search engine optimization (SEO).

With the help of a professional, you can optimize your content to make it more attractive to Google (a search engine). Then, every time Google crawls the web for new, relevant content that people are looking for, your website has a better chance of showing up earlier in the search results—not somewhere deep in the bowels of page 12.


Think of all those new targeted leads clicking around your site!

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as it sounds. Google uses approximately 200 factors to determine page rankings, and SEO blogging is a content marketing strategy many businesses use to expand their organic reach on Google over time.


Read: SEO is a long game.


But isn't your business a long game, too?

SEO blogging not only helps your website rank higher in Google Search, but it can also benefit your overarching marketing and sales efforts ... when it's done correctly.

There are many styles of writing that serve different purposes.

The smart copywriter is not always an informed SEO blogger, and the SEO blogger writing for rankings is not always the best at copywriting for conversions. (Not everyone is a unicorn, you know.)

A writer that achieves your company's SEO blogging goals must be strategic and creative enough to write content that:

  • considers a user's search intent

  • sustains interest or earns trust

  • accomplishes the marketing goal

... all while optimizing along the way with various on-page and technical SEO best practices.

Without all of these components, some SEO bloggers miss the mark. Content falls flat because it's not engaging the right audience, and it's not compelling enough to ignite action.

Because there are so many nuances to SEO blogging, it's imperative to employ an SEO blogger/content strategist who knows what they're doing. Otherwise, it's your time and resources wasted.

But not to worry—Alyssa Ruane has this process down to a science and has been helping brands with their blogs for almost a decade.

Creative SEO Blogging Since 2012

Alyssa Ruane has been in the SEO blogging industry since 2012.

Her freelance career began in college while she was completing her Bachelor's degree at Florida Atlantic University as a dual-major in English and Multimedia Journalism.


Since then, Alyssa has written or edited more than 500 SEO blog articles for companies of all types and growth stages. 


She is a seasoned digital content strategist who has launched and managed multiple company blogs over the past decade, and she has countless bylines and happy clients from her previous roles in editorial and digital marketing in the media/publishing industry as well.

While Alyssa won't promise to get your company's blog on the first page of Google Search results immediately—you should never trust someone who says they can do this with organic SEO alone—she has seen firsthand the increased traffic and revenue SEO blogging can bring in time. (Again, when it's done correctly. This part is important!)

If you are in need of ...

  • an easy-to-use SEO blog calendar (keyword research and article briefs included)

  • an excellent SEO blogger

  • or both of the above

... Please inquire about Alyssa's services using the form below.

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