Alyssa consistently delivers top-notch content. No matter what the industry is, Alyssa immerses herself and does extra due diligence to become an expert in the field she is writing about. I highly recommend working with Alyssa for anything copy-related.

Luiz Centenaro

Past + Present

I've had the pleasure of working with...


Digital marketing strategy + campaign management for legacy magazine's advertiser partnerships in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding region

tb stuiods logo.png

Social media strategy + management for premier production studio in Southeast U.S.


Direct response email copywriting, SEO web copywriting, and SEO blogging for education SaaS company

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SEO content marketing manager for ecommerce marketing agency partner based in Miami, FL

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Social media strategy + marketing for digital journalism startup launch in Charlotte, NC

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Social media management for celebrity YouTube show launch

... And many more B2B, B2C, and D2C brands!